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Modelling head injury countermeasures: a 3D helmet model

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Author: Brands, D.W.A. · Thunnissen, J.G.M. · Wismans, J.S.H.M.
Institution: TNO Wegtransportmiddelen
Source:AGARD AMP Specialists' Meeting on "Impact Head Injury: Responses, Mechanisms, Tolerance, Treatment and Countermeasures", 7-9 November, 1996, Mescalero, New Mexico, USA
Identifier: 499940
Keywords: Informatics · 3D modelling · Helmets · Head injury


A three dimensional Finite Element Model of an existing full-face motorcycle helmet mounted on a headform has been developed. Material parameters were obtained from literature data and from component tests. The model is validated by simulating impacts at different locations using the headforrn acceleration time histories. From this it can be concluded that the headform response is predicted in a realistic way. The simulations showed two phenomena that influence the headform response, i.e. the behaviour of the material between the headform and the point of impact, and the dynamic response of the outer regions of the outer shell. It is believed that the current model describes most of the phenomena observed during an impact and, therefore, is suitable for future optimization studies. The application of the current model is limited to impacts on a flat anvil at points in the median plane of the headform. Recommendations for further model enhancements will be presented.