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Computational fluid dynamic modeling of protective clothing systems

Author: Gibson, P. · Barry, J. · Hill, R. · Brasser, P. · Sobera, M. · Kleijn, C.
Institution: TNO Defensie en Veiligheid
Source:TANCON 2006 - 15th TANDEC Nonwovens Conference, Knoxville, TN, USA, 18-20 April 2006 (Conference code: 68148)
Identifier: 239534
Keywords: Hazardous materials · Multilayers · Protective clothing · Hazardous chemicals · Multilayer garments · Computational fluid dynamics · Fluid dynamics · Hazardous materials · Multilayers · Protective clothing


Protective clothing provides laboratory and hazardous materials workers, fire fighters, military personnel, and others with the means to control their exposure to chemicals, biological materials, and heat sources. Depending on the specific application, the textile materials used in protective clothing must provide high performance in a number of areas, including impermeability to hazardous chemicals, breathability, light weight, low cost, and ruggedness. Models based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have been developed to predict the performance of protective clothing materials. Such models complement testing by enabling property data from laboratory material testing to be used in predictions of integrated multilayer garments under varying environmental conditions.