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Agents on a Riot : Decentralized agents for crowd Simulation

Author: Boon, J.W.
Publisher: TNO ; Vu Amsterdam
Place: Amsterdam
Identifier: 462393
Keywords: Defence · Crowd Control · Computerized Simulation · Mission Planning · Gaming · Crowd Behaviour · Crowd Modelling · Safety and Security · Defence, Safety and Security · Mechatronics, Mechanics & Materials ; Organisation · WS - Weapon Systems ; MSG - Modelling Simulation & Gaming · TS - Technical Sciences ; BSS - Behavioural and Societal Sciences


Demonstrations recently happened around the world, ranging from a few people protesting for a better lifestyle large masses as seen in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Usually control forces try to prevent escalation by demonstrators. How control forces respond is important; if they use excessive force demonstrators will likely revert to violence as well, and the local population will lose trust in the government and peacekeeping forces. The interaction between control forces and a crowd is important because a crowd will behave differently given the actions of control forces. This interaction and overall crowd behaviour can be modelled using techniques from the field of Artificial Intelligence. The resulting virtual crowd can be used for either training control forces or creating mission planning.