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Crispy/crunchy crusts of cellular solid foods: A literature review with discussion

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Author: Luyten, H. · Plijter, J.J. · Vliet, T. van
Institution: TNO Voeding
Source:Journal of Texture Studies, 5, 35, 445-492
Identifier: 238222
Keywords: Nutrition · Food technology · Crystallization · Deformation · Energy dissipation · Macromolecules · Morphology · Plasticizers · Sensory aids · Shock waves · Baking · Consumers · Snacks · Solid foods · Food products


Literature on the crispy/crunchy behavior of cellular solid foods with a crust is discussed. The emphasis is on products with a dry crispy or crunchy crust as bread and various snacks and especially on mesoscopic and macroscopic aspects. Successively, the sensory sensations involved, the mechanical and fracture behavior of crispy/crunchy products, morphological aspects, and the relation between crispy and crunchy behavior and mobility of the macro-molecules and plasticizer (primarily water) involved, are discussed. Finally, some ideas for an integrated approach of crispy/crunchy behavior of cellular solid foods with a dry crust will be discussed.