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Scalable quantum circuit and control for a superconducting surface code

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Author: Versluis, R. · Poletto, S. · Khammassi, N. · Tarasinski, B. · Haider, N. · Michalak, D.J. · Bruno, A. · Bertels, K. · DiCarlo, L.
Publisher: American Physical Society
Source:Physical Review Applied, 3, 8
Identifier: 781234
Keywords: Physics · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation · Nano Technology · NI - Nano Instrumentation · TS - Technical Sciences


We present a scalable scheme for executing the error-correction cycle of a monolithic surface-code fabric composed of fast-flux-tunable transmon qubits with nearest-neighbor coupling. An eight-qubit unit cell forms the basis for repeating both the quantum hardware and coherent control, enabling spatial multiplexing. This control uses three fixed frequencies for all single-qubit gates and a unique frequency-detuning pattern for each qubit in the cell. By pipelining the interaction and readout steps of ancilla-based X- and Z-type stabilizer measurements, we can engineer detuning patterns that avoid all second-order transmon-transmon interactions except those exploited in controlled-phase gates, regardless of fabric size. Our scheme is applicable to defect-based and planar logical qubits, including lattice surgery.