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Prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders : setting priorities using the standardized Dutch Musculoskeletal Questionnaire

Author: Hildebrandt, V.H.
Publisher: TNO
Place: Hoofddorp
Institution: TNO Arbeid
Identifier: 170176
ISBN: 90-6743-765-4
Keywords: Workplace · Ziekteverzuim · Sociaal verzuim · Spieraandoeningen · Lichaambeweging · Lichaamshouding · Arbeidsongeschiktheid · Beroepsziekten


Work related musculoskeletal disorders constitute a major problem to modern society. They are a major cause of work absenteeism and disability, thus constituting one of the most expensive disease categories. There is a great need for effective ways to prevent or reduce musculoskeletal problems. Given the extent of the problem, priorities have to be set concerning the workplaces that need interventions most. Quantitative data on actual risks and morbidity are needed to take well-considered decisions. Occupational health services are often requested to supply these data; to obtain valid data from daily practice they need standardized and feasible collecting methods. this thesis describes the characteristics and use of such a method, the 'Dutch Musculoskeletal Questionnaire', DMQ. The aim of the DMQ is to measure both work related musculoskeletal risk factors and symptoms in worker populations in such a standardised way that it is feasible in daily practice of occupational health services and ergonomical counselling.