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Tactical operations in confined and shallow waters (TOPICS)

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Author: Kos, J. · Vermeulen, J.F.J.
Publisher: Nexus Media Ltd
Place: Swanley, Kent
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:UDT 1996 - Conference Proceedings Undersea Defence Technology, 2-4 July 1996, London, UK, 353-357
Identifier: 94901
Keywords: Radar


The tasks of navies have shifted towards crisis management and surveillance operations. Searching for a conventional submarine in confined and shallow waters in times of crisis becomes more and more important, The Operations Research model TOPICS should provide the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN with a tool quantifying the contribution of alternative platforms and/or sensors in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations in times of crisis in shallow waters, most likely somewhere out-of-area. "What search tactics should be selected by frigates, helicopters and MPAs?", "How effective are the search units?" and "'What is the area covered?" are questions which could be answered with the model developed. Thus various units are considered (frigates, MPA and helicopters) as well as a variety of sensors (HMS (Hull Mounted Sonar), VDS (Variable Depth Sonar), dipping sonar, radar, infrared and visual means). The "high level" TOPICS model incorporates technical performances, which will be provided by range estimation models. These models consider in more detail the environmental conditions and system characteristics for conducting ASW operations. Operational deployment rules of platforms and sensors are also taken into account in the model. Taking into account the platforms sensor employment, the mission of the submarine, staying undetected followed by surface picture assessment, is represented by 'rules of behaviour', which includes also evasive manoeuvres. This paper contains an overview of the TOPICS model. Attention will be paid to the input and structure of the model. Also attention will be paid to the presentation of the results