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Numerical modeling of alumpedacoustic source actuated by a piezoelectric stack device that is driven by a switching amplifier

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Author: Tajdari, F. · Berkhoff, A.P. · Boer, A. de
Publisher: International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, IIAV
Source:25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2018: Hiroshima Calling, ICSV 2018, 8 July 2018 through 12 July 2018, 25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2018, ICSV 2018: Hiroshima Calling, 8, 4683-4690
Identifier: 844230
Keywords: Radiation impedance · Thin acoustic source · Acoustic impedance · Acoustic noise measurement · Acoustics · Electric network parameters · Equivalent circuits · Piezoelectricity · Acoustic sources · Electrical circuit · Equivalent electrical circuits · Finite element simulations · Piezoelectric stack · Piezoelectric stacked actuators · Radiation impedance · Switching amplifiers · Piezoelectric actuators


This paper studies an acoustic source with a relatively small thickness and high bending stiffness. Piezoelectric actuators are used to drive the moving component of the acoustic source. In the current study, a lumped model is used to represent the acoustic source that is excited by a piezoelectric stacked actuator. The equivalent electrical circuit of the lumped acoustic source can directly be connected to the electrical circuit of a switching amplifier. Various methods are used to estimate the radiation impedance of the acoustic source. The effectiveness of these methods is investigated when they are used in combination with the equivalent electrical circuit of the lumped acoustic source, the actuator and the amplifier. Finally, result of a numerical finite element simulation is compared with the results of the fully-lumped equivalent electrical circuit. Copyright © by International Institute of Acoustics & Vibration. All rights reserved.