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Selection and application of a new volatile solvent as a fatty food simulant for determining the global migration of constituents of plastics materials

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Author: Kruijf, N. de · Rijk, M.A.H. · Soetardhi, L.A. · Rossi, L.
Institution: Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO
Source:Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2, 21, 187-191
Identifier: 229424
doi: doi:10.1016/0278-6915(83)90235-1
Keywords: 1,1,2 trichloro 1,2,2 trifluoroethane · 2 propanol · Acetic acid ethyl ester · Fat · Heptane · Olive oil · Plastic · Polyacrylonitrile · Polyethylene · Polystyrene · Polyvinylchloride · Solvent · Drug release · Food contamination · Food packaging · Isooctane · Methodology · Nonhuman · Polybutadiene · Theoretical study · Dietary Fats · Food Technology · Octanes · Oils · Plastics · Solvents


A study was carried out to establish whether the draft EEC method for determining overall (global) migration of the constituents of plastics-packaging materials into a fatty-food simulant could be applied to samples of commercially available homogeneous plastics materials and whether it would be possible to use extraction with a volatile solvent under appropriate conditions of time and temperature in cases where, for some reason, the fat test cannot be used. The results obtained show that the draft EEC method can be applied without insuperable problems to most commercially available homogeneous plastics-packaging materials. Moreover, taking into account the poor reproducibility and accuracy associated in some cases with global-migration tests in olive oil, the determination of global migration into isoooctane (contact time 2 hr at 40??C) seems to be a suitable subsitute for determinations using exposure to olive oil for 10 days at 40??C. Chemicals/CAS: 1,1,2 trichloro 1,2,2 trifluoroethane, 76-13-1; 2 propanol, 67-63-0; acetic acid ethyl ester, 141-78-6; heptane, 142-82-5, 3356-67-0; olive oil, 8001-25-0; polyacrylonitrile, 25014-41-9, 63231-45-8; polyethylene, 9002-88-4; polystyrene, 9003-53-6; polyvinylchloride, 9002-86-2; Dietary Fats; Octanes; Oils; Plastics; Solvents