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Mechanisms of inactivation of bacteriophage phiX174 and its DNA in aerosols by ozone and ozonized cyclohexene

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Author: Mik, G. de · Groot, I. de
Institution: Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO Chemisch Laboratorium TNO
Source:Journal of Hygiene, 2, 78, 199-211
Identifier: 228152
Keywords: Biology · Ozone · Radioisotope · Virus dna · Bacteriophage · Cyclohexene · DNA p 32 · Drug interaction · Drug screening · Escherichia coli · In vitro study · Microorganism · Theoretical study · Virus inactivation · Aerosols · Alkenes · Atmosphere · Centrifugation, Density Gradient · Coliphages · DNA Viruses · DNA, Viral · Ozone


The mechanisms of inactivation of aerosolized bacteriophage phiX174 in atmospheres containing ozone, cyclohexene, or ozonized cyclohexene were studied by using 32P-labelled phage. The inactivation of the aerosolized phage in clean air or in air containing cyclohexene is due to damage of the protein coat since the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) extracted from the inactivated phage retains its biological activity. Inactivation of the phage in air containing ozone is mainly due to protein damage whereas inactivation in air containing ozonized cyclohexene is due both to protein and DNA damage. Sucrose gradient analysis shows that aerosolized inactivated phiX 174 releases unbroken DNA. In contrast, the DNA from phage phiX 174 inactivated by ozonized cyclohexene is broken. The inactivation of aerosolized phage phiX 174-DNA was studied in the same atmospheres using 32P-labelled DNA. phiX 174-DNA aerosolized in clean air or air containing cyclohexene at 75% r.h. is inactivated by a factor of 2 in 30 min. The inactivated DNA is broken. Ozone as well as ozonized cyclohexene inactivates DNA very fast causing breaks in the molecule. This is in contrast with the intact bacteriophage in which ozone does not produce breaks in the DNA. Chemicals/CAS: ozone, 10028-15-6; Aerosols; Alkenes; DNA, Viral; Ozone, 10028-15-6