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Target relative navigation results from hardware-in-the-loop tests using the sinplex navigation system

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Author: Steffes, S. · Dumke, M. · Heise, D. · Sagliano, M. · Samaan, M. · Theil, S. · Boslooper, E.C. · Oosterling, J.A.J. · Schulte, J. · Skaborn, D. · Söderholm, S. · Conticello, S. · Esposito, M. · Yanson, Y. · Monna, B. · Stelwagen, F. · Visee, R.
Publisher: Univelt Inc.
Source:May, A.J., Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, 151, 171-184
Identifier: 526086
ISBN: 9780877036098
Keywords: Electronics · Aneroid altimeters · Star trackers · Synthetic apertures · Exploration missions · Hardware-in-the-loop tests · Navigation cameras · Navigation computers · Navigation performance · Navigation sensors · Computer hardware · Infostructures · Information Society · Physics & Electronics · SSE - Space Systems Engineering · TS - Technical Sciences


The goal of the SINPLEX project is to develop an innovative solution to significantly reduce the mass of the navigation subsystem for exploration missions which include landing and/or rendezvous and capture phases. The system mass is reduced while still maintaining good navigation performance as compared to a conventional modular system. This is done by functionally integrating the navigation sensors, using micro- and nanotechnology to miniaturize electronics and fusing the sensor data within a navigation filter to improve navigation performance. A breadboard system was build including a navigation computer, IMU, laser altimeter/range finder, star tracker and navigation camera and has space for the redundant counterparts. Testing using the TRON hardware-inthe- loop testbench is ongoing. This aper covers some key design properties of the built system and presents some initial performance results of the hardware- in-the-loop tests.