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Modelling land atmosphere exchange of gaseous oxides of nitrogen in Europe

Author: Duyzer, J. · Fowler, D.
Institution: TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie
Source:Tellus, Series B, 5, 46 B, 353-372
Identifier: 232794
Keywords: acidification · air pollution · eutrophication · fossil fuel combustion · modelling · nitrogen oxide · ozone · Europe · Atmosphere · Deposition · Exchange · Gaseous Oxides · Nitrogen


This review outlines current understanding of the exchange processes and methods used to estimate regional NOy deposition. Several methods have been used to measure dry deposition. Measurement artefacts such as non-stationarity caused by local sources, monitors responding to other gases than NO2 and the influence of photochemical reactions have made field measurement very difficult. Several measurements have shown that deposition of HNO3 is limited only by the rate of its aerodynamic transport to the surface leading to deposition velocities as large as 10 cm s-1 to forest. For NO the situation is more complex. Early laboratory studies using high concentrations showed stomatal uptake. However detailed field studies carried out more recently at ambient concentrations show that most ecosystems emit NO. -from Authors