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Nutritional implications of L-arabinose in pigs

Author: Schutte, J.B. · Jong, J. de · Weerden, E.J. van · Tamminga, S.
Institution: Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO
Source:British Journal of Nutrition, 1, 68, 195-207
Identifier: 49464
Keywords: Zoology · Animal · Animal Nutrition · Arabinose · Comparative Study · Diet · Digestion · Fatty Acids, Volatile · Feces · Ileum · Lactates · Lactic Acid · Nitrogen · Swine


The pentose sugar L-arabinose is one of the most abundant components released by complete hydrolysis of non-starch polysaccharides of feed ingredients of vegetable origin. Two studies were conducted to investigate the apparent ileal digestibility and urinary excretion of L-arabinose at dietary inclusion levels of 50 and 100 g/kg, and 25, 50, 75 and 100 g/kg respectively, in pigs. As a reference, D-glucose was included in the studies. Water intake, ileal flow of volatile fatty acids and ileal and faecal digestibilities of dietary nutrients in pigs fed on the different diets were also examined. Castrated pigs were prepared with a post-valvular T-caecum cannula to measure ileal digestibility. Faecal digestibility was measured in non-cannulated pigs. Apparent ileal digestibility of L-arabinose was found to be approximately 70%. The presence of L-arabinose in the diet increased ileal flow of volatile fatty acids and lactic acid, suggesting the occurrence of microbial degradation of L-arabinose in the pig small intestine. L-arabinose was partly excreted in the urine. The extent of this urinary excretion as a percentage of intake increased linearly (P < 0.01) as the dietary level increased. In pigs fed on the 25 g L-arabinose/kg diet, 10.9% of the L-arabinose consumed appeared in the urine. This level was increased to 14.7% when pigs were fed on a diet containing 100 g L-arabinose/kg diet. Faecal digestibility and retention of nitrogen decreased significantly in pigs fed on the L-arabinose diets. Chemicals/CAS: arabinose, 147-81-9; lactic acid, 113-21-3, 50-21-5; nitrogen, 7727-37-9; Arabinose, 147-81-9; Fatty Acids, Volatile; Lactates; Lactic Acid, 50-21-5; Nitrogen, 7727-37-9