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Reversion of cistron A amber mutants of bacteriophage phiX 174 by ionizing radiation

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Author: Bleichrodt, J.F. · Verheij, W.S.D.
Institution: Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO
Source:Mutation Research, 3, 18, 363-365
Identifier: 227511
Keywords: Biology · Bacteriophage · Gamma radiation · In vitro study · Mutant · Theoretical study · Cobalt Isotopes · Coliphages · Mutation · Radiation Genetics


Amber mutants of bacteriophage can be reverted by ionizing radiation to pseudo wild type particles, i.e. particles able to propagate in a suppressorless host. Since the DNA of phi X 174 is single stranded mutation cannot be due to errors in repair of radiation damage by the excision repair or by the recombination repair system of the host cell, unless local base pairing occurs accidentally at the site of the mutation studied. When the circular single stranded phi X 174 DNA enters the host cell, it is converted by host enzymes into a double stranded RF, which is subsequently replicated. The results presented show that expression of a radiation induced mutation does not depend on replication of RF.