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The effect of operating lamps on the protected area of a unidirectional down flow (UDF) system

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Author: Traversari, A.A.L. · Bottenheft, C. · Louman, R. · Heumen, S.P.M. van · Böggeman, J.
Publisher: Sage
Source:Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 1-11
Identifier: 562932
doi: DOI:10.1177/1937586716671292
Keywords: Health · Air quality · Entrainment/segregation test · Operating lamps · Operating theater · Unidirectional down flow (UDF) system · Healthy for Life · Healthy Living · Urban Mobility & Environment · DCHA - Dutch Centre for Health Assets · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


Background: Operating lamps are often seen as the most disruptive factors within the protective area in the operating theater (OT). The effect of the operation lamps (with different shapes) should be demonstrated in an OT by trial, since research on the effects of the lamps is still limited. Objectives: The main aim of this study was to determine the effects of a skirt, different lamps, and the position of the lamp on the protected area. Methods: The concentration of airborne particles was measured under different circumstances, in order to determine the size and quality of the protected area. This entrainment/segregation test is based on the deliberate and controlled emission of particles outside the zone that is protected. Findings and Conclusions: The degree of protection (DP) at the center of the protected area was higher for the case with the skirt. This skirt stimulates more down flow and prevents the early entry of particles into the protected area. It can also be concluded that Lamp Y, due to its open shape, has the most positive effect on the DP at the center. It has also been shown that the position of the lamp has an effect on the protected area.