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Modelling propagation of sound emitted by mini-airguns

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Author: Prior, M.K. · Jansen, H.W.
Publisher: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, EAGE
Source:80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 Workshop Programme, 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 Workshop Programme, 10 June 2018 through 15 July 2018
Identifier: 867830
ISBN: 9789462822573
Keywords: Acoustic fields · Fourier series · Frequency domain analysis · Time series · Acoustic sources · Acoustic variables · Complex transfer functions · Frequency domain description · Propagation of sounds · Receiver positions · Shallow water waveguide · Vertical direction · Underwater acoustics


A modelling approach is described in which time-domain underwater-acoustic source functions are generated using a model that predicts the motion of air-bubbles generated by mini-airguns operated at various pressures. These time-series are Fourier-transformed to produce frequency-domain descriptions of the source. These are combined with complex transfer functions describing the propagation of sound in shallow-water waveguide geometries so that source spectra can be converted to received spectra by a simple multiplication process for specified source and receiver positions. Received spectra can be inverse-Fourier transformed to produce time-series of received signals. Calculations are performed to yield three acoustic variables: one pressure and two particle velocities (in the radial and vertical directions). Time-series are shown for a test environment in which total acoustic fields are made up of contributions from waterborne and bottom-interacting paths. © 2018 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 Workshop Programme.