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Moisture transport properties of mortar and mortar joint: A NMR study

Author: Brocken, H.J.P. · Adant, O.C.G. · Pel, L.
Institution: Instituut voor Bouwmaterialen en Bouwconstructies TNO
Source:Heron, 1, 42, 55-69
Identifier: 280502
Keywords: Materials · Interfaces (materials) · Moisture · Mortar · Nuclear magnetic resonance · Transport properties · Water absorption · Mortar joints · Brick construction


The moisture transport in mortar and mortar joint often is an important parameter in degeneration of brick masonry and other block constructions. In this study, the influence of single additives on the moisture transport properties of mortar is investigated. Due to water extraction during brick laying, curing conditions of mortar in mortar joint differ from curing conditions of separately cured mortar. Consequently, the moisture transport properties of mortar joint differ. In addition to the moisture transport in mortar and mortar joint, the moisture transport in brick masonry is investigated. Experimental moisture profiles of water absorption in brick masonry indicate that there is no perfect hydraulic contact at the brick-mortar interfaces.