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Biogas composition and engine performance, including database and biogas property model

Author: Bruijstens, A.J. · Beuman, W.P.H. · Molen, M. van der · Rijke, J. de · Cloudt, R.P.M. · Kadijk, G. · Camp, O.M.G.C. op den · Bleuanus, W.A.J.
Institution: TNO Industrie en Techniek · IenT
Identifier: 441270
Keywords: Energy · Energy · Biogas · Engine performance


In order to enable this evaluation of the current biogas quality situation in the EU; results are presented in a biogas database. Furthermore the key gas parameter Sonic Bievo Index (influence on open loop A/F-ratio) is defined and other key gas parameters like the Methane Number (knock resistance) are made available in a biogas calculation tool. Finally the results of the study of the influence of biogas quality on the engine performance of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), efficiency and emission are presented.