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Range-IT : Detection and multimodal presentation of indoor objects for visually impaired people

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Author: Zeng, L. · Weber, G. · Ravyse, I. · Simros, M. · Erp, J. van · Mioch, T. · Conradie, P. · Saldien, J.
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
Source:19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, MobileHCI 2017. 4 September 2017 through 7 September 2017, 1-6
Identifier: 781414
doi: doi:10.1145/3098279.3125442
ISBN: 9781450350754
Article number: 54
Keywords: Cognitive maps · Electronic travel aids · Multimodal · Spatial information · Vibrotactile · Visual impairments · Navigation systems · Object detection · User interfaces · Vibrotactile aids · Cognitive maps · Electronic travel aidss · Multi-modal · Spatial informations · Vibrotactile · Visual impairment · Human computer interaction · Human & Operational Modelling · PCS - Perceptual and Cognitive Systems · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


In the paper we present our Range-IT prototype, which is a 3D depth camera based electronic travel aid (ETA) to assist visually impaired people in finding out detailed information of surrounding objects. In addition to detecting indoor obstacles and identifying several objects of interest (e.g., walls, open doors and stairs) up to 7 meters, the Range-IT system employs a multimodal audio-vibrotactile user interface to present this spatial information. ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI)