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How people are critical to the success of Big Data


Author: Steen, M.G.D. · Boer, J. de · Beurden, M.H.P.H. van
Source:Tijdschrift voor Human Factors, 1, 41, 5-8
Identifier: 535200
Keywords: Informatics · Human & Operational Modelling · HOI - Human Behaviour & Organisational Innovations TPI - Training & Performance Innovations · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


A buzz has emerged around Big Data: an emerging field that is concerned with capturing, storing, combining, visualizing and analysing large and diverse sets of data. Realizing the societal benefits of Data Driven Innovations requires that the innovations are used and adopted by people. In fact like in many other technological innovations people are critical to the success of Big Data; people are in many cases where the data is collected, people are in charge of interpreting and visualising the information that can be found in the data, and people are, in the end, also the actors that need to change their behaviour in order to make a change in 'the real world'.