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The RISKOFDERM project T2 - RISKOFDERM - Europas beschäftigte sollen nicht länger ihre haut zu markte tragen

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Author: Auffarth, J. · Hemmen, J.J. van · Hebisch, R. · Lechtenberg-Auffarth, E. · Marquart, J. · Oppl, R. · Rajan, B. · Wriedt, H.
Institution: TNO Voeding
Source:Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der Luft, 10, 63, 399-405
Identifier: 237314
Keywords: Chemistry Health · Food and Chemical Risk Analysis · article · calculation · information processing · measurement · occupational exposure · occupational health · occupational safety · occupational skin disease · prediction · risk assessment · risk management · statistical model · workplace


Reducing dermal exposure to chemicals is a challenging task for occupational safety and health. In the European RISKOFDERM project 15 institutes in ten member states gather dermal exposure information and measurement data in relation to various tasks. First results are available. Based on this information i) a predictive model for estimating dermal exposure for use in generic risk assessment for chemicals and ii) a practical dermal exposure risk assessment and management toolkit for use by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in actual workplace situations are developed. The model built so for is a statistical model relating dermal exposure levels to relevant potential determinants. A benchmark study is now being done for testing the outcome of the model. The calculation programme contained in the risk assessment and management toolkit makes use of the information which is available at the workplace. It yields practical advice whether measures are necessary or not, and which timeframe should be followed.