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Matador: final report of task 2

Author: Hendriksen, P. · Riemersma, I.J. · Rijkeboer, R.C. · Rondel, M. · Schmal, D. · Smokers, R.T.M.
Publisher: TNO
Place: Delft
Institution: TNO Wegtransportmiddelen
Identifier: 466109
Report number: Matador JOE3 CT97 0081
Keywords: Traffic · driving cycles · internal combustion engine vehicles · battery electric vehicles · hybrid electric vehicles · fuell cell electric vehicles · other alternative drivelines · Safe and Clean Mobility · Mobility


In Task 2 of the MATADOR-project1 measurement methods have been developed for the evaluation of the energy consumption and emissions of vehicles with advanced propulsion systems, such as battery-electric, hybrid-electric and fuel cell vehicles. Based on an inventory of existing and prospective standard test procedures and of technology-specific problems associated with testing electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, a number of topics have been selected for in-depth study. Computer simulations and vehicle tests have been performed to analyse these problems and to evaluate possible solutions. This research has resulted in recommendations for test and evaluation methods for dealing with test problems related to the various electric propulsion systems. Using these recommended test methods in combination with elements from existing (draft) test procedures, frameworks have been developed that sketch the general structure and contents of test procedures for battery-electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. The MATADOR-project has started in January 1998 and has ended June 2000.