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Regulations, policies and practices concerning work stress prevention and improving well-being at work in Sweden, Great-Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands

Author: Gier, E. de · Kompier, M. · Draaisma, D. · Smulders, P.
Publisher: TNO
Place: Leiden
Institution: TNO Preventie en Gezondheid
Identifier: 168391
ISBN: 90-6743-290-3
Report number: 94.009
Keywords: Workplace · Stress · Geestelijke overbelasting · Preventie · Sociografie · Sociale verzekeringen · Sociale zekerheid · Welzijn


At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the TNO Institute of Preventive Health Care (NIPG) carried out a comparative survey of regulations, policies and practices in the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany and France with regard to the prevention of work stress and the improvement of well-being at work. The main purpose of this study was to get an impression of the ways in which a number of EU Member States and Sweden actually pay attention to the improvement of well-being at work and prevention of work stress. The report describes: the main characteristics of the various systems of industrial relations in the five countries, the legal framework and enforcement practices with respect to work stress and well-being at work, some general characterictics such as the attention to work stress as compared to the traditional health and safety issues, the involvement of the social partners, special governmental programmes and connections with the policy fields, more specific stress prevention policies such as monitoring, transfer of knowledge, stress research networks, stress research groups, and best practices with respect to stress prevention.