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Semi-continuous high speed gas analysis of generated vapors of chemical warfare agents

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Author: Trap, H.C. · Langenberg, J.P.
Institution: Department of Chemical Toxicology, TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, P.O. Box 45, 2280 AA, Rijswijk, Netherlands
Source:HRC Journal of High Resolution Chromatography, 3, 22, 153-158
Identifier: 234882
Keywords: Automation · Data acquisition · Nerve agents · Sulfur mustard · Valve injection · Vapor analysis · Mustard gas · Nerve gas · Neurotoxin · Sarin · Soman · Analytic method · Animal experiment · Article · Autoanalysis · Chemical warfare · Chromatography · Gas analysis · Gas chromatography · Guinea pig · Neurotoxicity · Nonhuman · Toxicokinetics · Vapor · Mustard gas, 505-60-2 · Neurotoxin, 39386-17-9 · Sarin, 107-44-8 · Soman, 96-64-0


A method is presented for the continuous analysis of generated vapors of the nerve agents soman and satin and the blistering agent sulfur mustard. By using a gas sampling valve and a very short (15 cm) column connected to an on-column injector with a 'standard length' column, the system can either be calibrated or used for performing high speed gas analyses. When using a flame ionization detector, the detection limit was ca. 100 ppb (ca. 0.5-1.0 mg/m3). This technique is applied in inhalation toxicokinetic studies of nerve agents and mustard gas in the guinea pig.