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Screening CO<sub>2</sub> storage options in The Netherlands

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Author: Ramírez, A. · Hagedoorn, S. · Kramers, L. · Wildenborg, T. · Hendriks, C.
Institution: TNO Bouw en ondergrond
Source:International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2, 4, 367-380
Identifier: 284393
Keywords: Geosciences · CO<sub>2</sub> storage · Costs · Risks · Screening · Earth & Environment · SGE - Sustainable Geo Energy · EELS - Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences


This paper describes the development and application of a methodology to screen and rank Dutch reservoirs suitable for long-term large scale CO<sub>2</sub> storage. The screening focuses on off- and on-shore individual aquifers, gas and oil fields. In total 176 storage reservoirs have been taken into consideration: 138 gas fields, 4 oil fields and 34 aquifers, with a total theoretical storage potential of about 3200 Mt CO<sub>2</sub>. The reservoirs are screened according to three criteria: potential storage capacity, storage costs and effort needed to manage risk. Due to the large number of reservoirs, which limits the possibility to use any pair-wise comparison method (e.g. Multi-Criteria programs such as Bosda or Naiade), a spreadsheet tool was designed to provide an assessment of each of the criteria through an evaluation of the fields present in the database and a set of scores provided by a (inter)national panel of experts. The assessment is sufficiently simple and allows others to review it, re-do it or expand it. The results of the methodology show that plausible comparisons of prospective sites with limited characterization data are possible. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.