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Optimal control of the dissolved oxygen concentration in an airlift-loop reactor

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Author: Zwietering, M.H. · Verlaan, P. · Krolikowski, A.K.M.
Institution: Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO Instituut voor Graan Meel en Brood TNO
Source:Computers and Chemical Engineering, 6, 16, 563-572
Instituut voor Graan, Meel en Brood Mededeling nr. 653
Identifier: 231885
Keywords: Nutrition · Chemical Operations - Mathematical Models · Control Systems, Discrete Time - Design · Control Systems, Optimal - Design · Oxygen - Concentration · Yeast - Production · Digital Control · Dissolved Oxygen Concentration · Bioreactors · Computer Techniques · Process Optimisation · Reactors-Airlift


A model to describe the oxygen transfer in an airlift-loop reactor (ALR) is developed in order to build an optimal digital control algorithm for the dissolved oxygen concentration. Thereafter the model is discretized in place and time resulting in a set of linear difference equations. These equations are used to implement an optimal linear discrete control algorithm. The discrete controller has as an advantage a wider application and can be used with more measuring and control points in comparison with a PID controller. Moreover, the optimal control parameters can be predicted and do not have to be revealed empirically as in the case of a PID controller. The resulting optimal discrete controller has been tested in a pilot plant ALR (0.165 m3) and compared with a PID controller. In all cases tested the discrete controller acted comparably with the PID controller. © 1992.