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On the origin of amplitude reduction mechanism in tapping mode atomic force microscopy

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Author: Keyvani Janbahan, A. · Sadeghian Marnani, H. · Goosen, H. · Keulen, F. van
Source:Applied Physics Letters, 16, 112
Identifier: 788512
Article number: 163104
Keywords: Physical properties · Physics · Non-linear model · Numerical solution · Operation parameters · Reduction mechanisms · Resonance frequencies · TM-AFM · Tapping-mode atomic force microscopy · Tip-sample interaction · Atomic force microscopy · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation


The origin of amplitude reduction in Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy (TM-AFM) is typically attributed to the shift in resonance frequency of the cantilever due to the nonlinear tip-sample interactions. In this paper, we present a different insight into the same problem which, besides explaining the amplitude reduction mechanism, provides a simple reasoning for the relationship between tip-sample interactions and operation parameters (amplitude and frequency). The proposed formulation, which attributes the amplitude reduction to an interference between the tip-sample and dither force, only deals with the linear part of the system; however, it fully agrees with experimental results and numerical solutions of the full nonlinear model of TM-AFM.