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Dual transimpedance amplifier for 43 Gbps applications


Author: Wanum, M. van · Graaf, M.W. van der · Hoogland, J.A.H. · Heijningen, M. van
Publisher: EuMA
Place: Louvain-la-Neuve
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:European Microwave Week 2002 - EuMW 2002 - Proceedings of the 10th European Gallium Arsenide and other semiconductors Application Symposium - GAAS 2002, 23-24 September 2002, Fiera de Milano, Italy., 6 p.
Identifier: 95486
Keywords: Physics · Transimpedance ampfifiers · Fiber optic communication


A 3-stage dual TransImpedance Ampffier (TIA) on one 2x7.8 mm2 GaAs chip with 0.2 pm pHEMT technologt has been designed for fiberoptic communication applications. It uses cascode connected common source FETs in a Constant-K configuration. The operating frequency ranges from DC to 3 5 GHz, The TIA is desígned for a diode capacítance of 120 fF. The equívøaent input refrred noise current is around 18 pA/\/Hz for a gaín of øround 40 dBQ or 6.5 dB. The møtching øt the out¡tut ß better than 14 dB, Measured RF performance in combination wíth the small size makes it very saitable for WDM telecommunìcation systems. A comparìson between simulations and measurements ìs also made.