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Diffuser properties and according performance in BSDF and spectral features in space application

Author: Gür, B. · Brug, H. van · Xu, M. · Vela Esparza, E.
Publisher: SPIE
Source:Xiong, X.Gu, X.Butler, J.J., 9218
Identifier: 523230
ISBN: 9781628412451
Article number: 921811
Keywords: Electronics · BSDF · Radiometric calibration · Diffusers (optical) · Radiometry · Surface properties · Bi-directional · Scattering functions · Spectral feature · Calibration · Space & Scientific Instrumentation · Industrial Innovation · Physics & Electronics · OPT - Optics · TS - Technical Sciences


The "Bi-Directional Scattering Function" BSDF of a diffuser depends on several parameters, such as surface properties, observational conditions and further. This paper describes experimental activities to achieve a better understanding about the interaction between diffuser properties and performance with regards to its scattering behavior. For this purpose a set of 24 diffusers with defined surface properties have been manufactured and systematically been investigated in a dedicated radiometric calibration measurement facility. The experimental data are compared with existing theoretical models.