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New approach to spectral features modeling

Author: Brug, H. van · Scalia, P.S.
Source:Earth Observing Systems XVII, 13-16 August 2012, San Diego, CA, USA, 8510
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Identifier: 469541
ISBN: 9780819492272
Article number: 85100G
Keywords: Electronics · Radiometric accuracy · Remote sensing · Speckles · Spectral features · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation · Physics & Electronics · OPT - Optics · TS - Technical Sciences


The origin of spectral features, speckle effects, is explained, followed by a discussion on many aspects of spectral features generation. The next part gives an overview of means to limit the amplitude of the spectral features. This paper gives a discussion of all means to reduce the spectral features amplitude (SFA), i.e. inner pixel averaging, coherence effects, and angular averaging, and to a lesser extend coherence effects and polarization. A new approach to model spectral features is presented, that is based on the averaging mechanisms, in a similar way as is used for speckle patterns. Formulae for all averaging methods are given and the use is discussed. The paper starts off with a short description on Spectral Features as observed in earth observation spectrometers, followed by speckle effects and averaging mechanisms. Next the origin of the averaging mechanisms in a spectrometer are given and a method to calculate them. © 2012 SPIE.