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Recent submissions

Master thesisEfficient Flight Envelope Estimation for Changed Aircraft Dynamics Stapel, J.C.J. ·
Master thesisThe Ajax Skill Challenge: Improving the loyalty of young Ajax fans Veninga, S. ·
DissertationLandscape-based hydrological modelling: Understanding the influence of climate, topography, and vegetation on catchment hydrology Gao, H. ·
Internal ReportFlood Risk Mitigation for the Jamaica Bay Area Aarnink, J.L. · De Boer, R. · Evers, G.A. · Kruis, M.C. · Van der Valk, K. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorThe influence of an obstacle on flow and pollutant dispersion in neutral and stable boundary layers Tomas, J.M. · Pourquie, M.J.B.M. · Jonker, H.J.J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorMetal–organic framework based mixed matrix membranes: a solution for highly efficient CO2 capture? Seoane, B. · Coronas, J. · Gascon, I. · Benavides, M.E. · Karvan, O. · Caro, J. · Kapteijn, F. · Gascon, J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorMetal organic framework synthesis in the presence of surfactants: towards hierarchical MOFs? Seoane, B. · Dikhtiarenko, A. · Mayoral, A. · Tellez, C. · Coronas,J. · Kapteijn, F. · Gascon, J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorBicontinuous microemulsions for high yield, wet synthesis of ultrafine nanoparticles: a general approach Latsuzbaia, R. · Negro, E. · Koper, G.J.M. ·
Master thesisA Medium Power 135-GHz Power Amplifier Sarris, G. ·
Master thesisLOFAR on the Moon: Mission Configuration and Orbit Design Antignac, L. ·