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Recent submissions

Master thesisDo we really need the F in DB(F)MO? An empirical study into the substitutes of the F component in Dutch DBMO building projects and the effects on added value Van den Assem, S.C.E. ·
Master thesisTopological Extensions of Holomorphic Functional Calculus for Sectorial and Half-plane Type Operators Konstantopoulos, P. ·
DissertationMRI-Compatible Endovascular Instruments: Improved Maneuverability during Navigation Clogenson, H.C.M. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorEnsemble-based hierarchical multi-objective production optimization of smart wells Fonseca, R.M. · Leeuwenburgh, O. · Van den Hof, P.M.J. · Jansen, J.D. ·
Master thesisInvestigation on the possible application of Natural fibres (Abaca fibres) as reinforcement in concrete to create ductility Sayed Moqadas, M. ·
Master thesisInfluence of ownership forms in airportĀ“s efficiency Abraham Pedroza, F. ·
DissertationMicrobial Ecology of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion Marty, F.S.L. ·
Master thesisAdded Value Framework and Information Technology Capabilities of Enterprise Application Integration Baskaran, B. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorChallenges in adjoint-based optimization of a foam EOR process Namdar Zanganeh, M. · Kraaijevanger, J.F.B.M. · Buurman, H.W. · Jansen, J.D. · Rossen, W.R. ·
Master thesisIs There a City Beyond the Buildings? Searching for Urbanity in Recife De Carvalho Filho, L.M. ·