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DissertationMarket-based support schemes for renewable energy sources Fagiani, R. ·
Master thesisNumerical modeling of wave-current interaction with the use of a two-way coupled system Cats, G.H. ·
Master thesisPoetry of the everyday: an exploration into the design for poetic experiences Santokhi, G. D. ·
DissertationEuropean Short-term Electricity Market Designs under High Penetration of Wind Power Chaves Avila, J.P. ·
Master thesisTheaterakoestiek: Een onderzoek naar het gebruik van de toneeltoren voor de ontwikkeling van variabele akoestiek / Theatre acoustics: A study to use the fly tower for the development of variable acoustics Scholts, K. ·
Master thesisA fully integrated development environment for GOAL in Eclipse Koeman, V.J. ·
Master thesisDesign-time and Run-time Reconfigurable Clustered ρ-VEX VLIW Softcore Processor Reda, M.B. ·
Master thesisRobustness improvement of polyhedral mesh method for airbag deployment simulations Alagon Carrillo, S. ·
Master thesisExecution time analysis of audio algorithms Gopalakrishna, N. ·
DissertationDuurzame Ontwikkeling door Collectief Bewonersinitiatief (Sustainable Development through Resident’s Collective Initiatives): 'leidraad voor professionals om bewonersgroepen aan de duurzaamheidsopgave te verbinden.' Sanders, F.C. ·