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Recent submissions

Master thesisA-priori inertia estimation from weight for goal-directed movement under weight compensation Grootveld, L.M.D. ·
Master thesisIntegrated Validation Plant: Modelling and optimisation of the biological treatment process Puay, N.Q. ·
Bachelor thesisStabiliteitsanalyse in een model van het menselijk binnenoor Kleimann, E.D. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorFully automatic evaluation of the corneal endothelium from in vivo confocal microscopy Selig, B. · Vermeer, K.A. · Rieger, B. · Hillenaar, T. · Hendriks, C.L.L. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorGeometric optimization of an ultralow-dose high-resolution pediatric PET scanner based on monolithic scintillators with dSiPM readout (meeting abstract) Mikhaylova, E. · Tabacchini, V. · Borghi, G. · Mollet, P. · D'Hoe, E. · Schaart, D.R. · Vandenberghe, S. ·
Master thesisProcedural generation and interactive web visualization of natural environments Onrust, B. ·
Bachelor thesisA Robotic Arm for Zebro Fieback, M.C.R. · Van Schelven, R.M. · Seuters, M.A. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorXNAT imaging platform for BioMedBridges and CTMM TraIT (meeting abstract) Klein, S. · Vast, E. · Van Soest, J. · Dekker, A. · Koek, M. · Niessen, W.J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorThe idiosyncrasy of spatial structure in bacterial competition Hol, F.J.H. · Galajda, P. · Woolthuis, R.G. · Dekker, C. · Keymer, J.E. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorEssential validation methods for E. coli strains created by chromosome engineering Krishnan, S.T. · Moolman, M.C. · Van Laar, T. · Meyer, A.S. · Dekker, N.H. ·