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Recent submissions

DissertationPersistent Scatterer Interferometry based on geodetic estimation theory Van Leijen, F.J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorImproving the allocation of flood-risk interventions from a spatial quality perspective Nillesen, A.L. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorRisk to life due to flooding in post-Katrina New Orleans Miller, A. · Jonkman, S.N. · Van Ledden, M. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorChromatin Landscapes of Retroviral and Transposon Integration Profiles De Jong, J. · Akhtar, W. · Badhai, J. · Rust, A.G. · Rad, R. · Hilkens, J. · Berns, A. · Van Lohuizen, M. · Wessels, L.F.A. · De Ridder, J. ·
Master thesisLiquid Rocket Analysis (LiRA): Development of a Liquid Bi-Propellant Rocket Engine Design, Analysis and Optimization Tool Ernst, R.R.L. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsEmerging substances: Towards an absolute barrier (ESTAB) Bertelkamp, C. ·
Master thesisOne Giant Leap For Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Otte, T.J. ·
Master thesisLLVM-based ρ-VEX compiler Daverveldt, M.A.F.M. ·
Master thesisFlameless combustion in a 2x100kWth furnace: A comparison of experiments with CFD-type simulations Keizer, S.H. ·
Master thesisDesign and analysis of a model based low level slip controller based on a hybrid braking system Lubbers, K.H.B. ·