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Master thesisExperimental study of fluid flow in the bifurcation of a patient specific carotid artery, with severe stenosis: comparing PIV, PC-MRI and CFD Van de Belt, G. ·
Master thesisMagnetic Drug Targeting in Human Airway Geometry Tjin, J.L. ·
Master thesisThermal stratification within urban street canyons: SARA3DCLIMAT flow simulations Meyer, M.P. ·
Master thesisExperimental studies on heat transfer in thermo-magnetic onvection for para- and diamagnetic fluids Mulder, M. ·
Master thesisExperimental study of the structure of a passive scalar in turbulent flows using a wire-mesh sensor: Pipe flowand rod-bundle axial flow Buskermolen, M. ·
Master thesisLarge Eddy Simulations of Electromagnetic Control of a Quasi-2D Jet Hollander, J. ·
DissertationComputational bone mechanics: the interrelationships between shape, density distribution, and loading Campoli, G. ·
Master thesisElectrification of rural areas: Optimal microgrid energy management Barsoum, I. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorSimultaneous measurement of position and color of single fluorescent emitters using diffractive optics Broeken, J. · Rieger, B. · Stallinga, S. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorOptimization-based wavefront sensorless adaptive optics for multiphoton microscopy Antonello, J. · Van Werkhoven, T. · Verhaegen, M. · Truong, H.H. · Keller, C.U. · Gerritsen, H.C. ·