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Recent submissions

Internal ReportComputation of the nonlinear energy transfer in a narrow gravity wave spectrum with a method derived by Dungey and Hui Van Vledder, G.P. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsPlant wide chemical water stability modelling with PHREEQC for drinking water treatment Van der Helm, A.W.C. · Kramer, O.J.I. · Hooft, J.F.M. · De Moel, P.J. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsModel adaptation in a central controller for a sewer system Van Nooyen, R.R.P. · Kolechkina, A.G. · Mol, B. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorNeighbourhood effects research at a crossroads: Ten challenges for future research Van Ham, M. · Manley, D. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsGraph algorithms and central control of sewer systems Kolechkina, A.G. · Van Nooyen, R.R.P. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsTrajectory bounds for a hydrological system with threshold behaviour when only cumulative precipitation sums are known Van Nooyen, R.R.P. · Kolechkina, A.G. ·
Master thesisModeling the interaction between micro-climate factors and moisture-related skin-support friction during patient repositioning in bed Jagt, T.Z. ·
Master thesisDesign opportunities for flash flood reduction by improving the quality of the living environment: A Hoboken City case study of environmental driven urban water management Cruijsen, A.C. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorThe Ethnic Dimensions of Suburbanisation in Estonia Tammaru, T. · Van Ham, M. · Leetmaa, K. · K√§hrik, A. ·
Master thesisA Stochastic Approach to Improve Safety of the Aircraft Carpet Maintenance Process: A case study at KLM engineering and Maintenance Souali, N. ·