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Recent submissions

Master thesisAn Algorithmic Readout Approach for Thermal Conductivity Based CO2 Sensors Rueda Guerrero, L.E. ·
Master thesisDesign and feasibility study for the application of an inflatable rubber structure in a navigation lock Woudstra, S.D. ·
PatentSurgical device, in particular for minimally invasive surgery Tuijthof, G.J.M. · Horeman, T. ·
PatentMagnet and device for magnetic density separation Polinder, H. · Rem, P.C. ·
PatentImage filtering for microcopy Righolt, C.H. · Van VLiet, L.J. · Stallinga, S. ·
PatentMolecular composites based on high-performance polymers and an interpenetrating liquid crystal thermoset Dingemans, T.J. ·
Master thesisLow temperature fine pitch vertical wafer level interconnection using copper nanoparticles Carisey, Y.C.P. ·
Master thesisPrimary Frequency Response by MTDC Offshore Grids Bucurenciu, A. ·
PatentMethod of forming silicon on a substrate Ishihara, R. · Trifunovic, M. · Van der Zwan, M. ·
PatentCoating of graphene Schneider, G.F. · Dekker, C. ·