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Recent submissions

Master thesisA traffic signal optimization method for balancing the interests of cyclists and motorized traffic Apostola, T. ·
Master thesisTransforming the former Artillery Storage House at the Paardenmarkt into the Delft Climate Centre Van der Linden, C.R. ·
Master thesisMobility as Justice Teodorescu, L. ·
Internal ReportReflection and transmission trough a vertical, permeable breakwater: for the purpose of validating mathematical models Van den Bos, J.P. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsA New Eulerian Model for Turbulent Evaporating Sprays in Recirculating Flows Wittig, S. · Hallmann, M. · Scheurlen, M. · Schmehl, R. ·
Master thesisDesign for the well-being of rabbits Slooten, L.Z. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorIncreasing awareness and preparedness by an exhibition and studying the effect of visuals Charriere, M.K.M. · Bogaard, T.A. · Malet, J.P. · Mostert, E. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorAre managers' and the general public's perceptions of risk communication needs in line? A French alpine valley case study Charriere, M.K.M. · Sprague, T. · Bogaard, T.A. · Greiving, S. · Malet, J.P. · Mostert, E. ·
LectureTesting the impact of visual communication on awareness of natural hazards, through an exhibition Charriere, M.K.M. · Bogaard, T.A. · Junier, S.J. · Malet, J.P. · Mostert, E. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsDisaster Managers’ Perception of Effective Visual Risk Communication for General Public Charriere, M.K.M. · Bogaard, T.A. · Mostert, E. ·