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Article in monograph or in proceedingsA hybrid semiconductor-glass waveguide laser Fan, Y. · Oldenbeuving, R.M. · Klein, E.J. · Lee, C.J. · Song, H. · Khan, M.R.H. · Offerhaus, H.L. · Van der Slot, P.J.M. · Boller, K.J. ·
Article in monograph or in proceedingsSuspended photonic waveguide arrays for submicrometer alignment Peters, T.J. · Tichem, M. · Staufer, U. ·
Bachelor thesisHet ontbinden van commutatormatrices (Eng: The commutator theorem) Van Aalst, T.A. ·
Master thesisTrade Terms Renewal 2015: Streamlining Trade Terms for Procter and Gamble in the Benelux Welten, I.S.C. ·
Master thesisExperimental investigation of effects of residual stresses on fatigue crack growth in pipelines with allowance for the scale effects Gupta, A.G. ·
Master thesisThe Design of a Stitched, High-dynamic Range CMOS Particle Sensor Zhu, J. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorBad Neighborhoods on the Internet Moreira Moura, G.C. · Sadre, R. · Pras, A. ·
Master thesisPlatform ecosystems in Mobile for Development Chin, M.F. ·
Master thesisImplicit Methods for Real-Time simulation of Interactive Waves Mittal, A. ·
Master thesisImprove the Walko Workbench system with a focus on functionality and efficiency for the user, what will lead to a more attractive line of products Minjon, J. ·