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Master thesisEmbodied Optimisation Tool for low-rise office buildings in steel Koonath Surendran, S. ·
Internal ReportHet dak als bouwlocatie Alewijn, N. · Bakker, L. · Geerts, S. · Mellas, Z. · Middelveld, C. · Schaafsma, B. · Simkens , B. · Van der Van der Velde, S. ·
DissertationDevelopment of an Airborne Ka-band FMCW Synthetic Aperture Radar De Wit, J.J.M. ·
Master thesisA Wetsuit Pattern Conversion Tool for Mystic Tanis, E. ·
Master thesisFeasibility study of Air Traffic Control Towers around the globe: “International research regarding the local influences providing an optimal structural design for air traffic control towers around the globe in an economical perspective” Hartmann, J.H. ·
Master thesisMultibody Dynamics Modeling of Flexible Aircraft Flight Dynamics Kalthof, R.L.C. ·
Master thesisAuxiliary power supply for HISPEM Van Oosterom, J. ·
Master thesisUltra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete applied in Railway Bridges De Geus, J.V. ·
Master thesisDefining ventilation boundary conditions for a greenhouse climate model Dwyer, D.E. ·
DissertationCathodoluminescence Microscopy of Nanostructures on Transparent Substrates Narváez, A.C. ·