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Recent submissions

Master thesisSystem modeling of supercritical water gasification processes: Thermo-fluid one-dimensional modeling in Modelica language Schönlein, C.M. ·
Master thesisDroplet behaviour in a cavity mixing-layer Van Meerkerk, M. ·
Master thesisRobustness of public transportation networks: The effect of capacity reductions at the link-level Koppenol, G.J. ·
Master thesisMaatschappelijk verantwoord aanbesteden - De ontwikkeling van maatschappelijke belangen in aanbestedingen Yancheshmeh, S.R.S. ·
Master thesisIntegrating Jakarta's street vendors into architecture Tichelaar, M.A.E. ·
Master thesisDesigning a privacy aware infrastructure for an Inclusive Enterprise at IBM Steenstra, C.T. ·
Master thesisExamining the dynamics between aligning a company’s internal processes to the external environment and the company’s performance with a temporal dimension in the aircraft and semiconductor industry Dietz, H.S. ·
Master thesisUpscaling coastal flood risk assessment - Insight into the uncertainty of a continental-scale model Bouziotas, D. ·
Master thesisCounteracting Socio-spatial Segregation through Architectural Verwandlung De Geus, L.I. ·
Master thesisReducing the Turnaround Time of In House Repairs of Aircraft Engine MRO Services Meijs, P.C.M. ·