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Article/Letter to the EditorTime-based position estimation in monolithic scintillator detectors Tabacchini, V. · Borghi, G. · Schaart, D.R. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorTime-resolved imaging of prompt-gamma rays for proton range verification using a knife-edge slit camera based on digital photon counters Cambraia Lopes, P. · Clementel, E. · Crespo, P. · Henrotin, S. · Huizenga, J. · Janssens, G. · Parodi, K. · Prieels, D. · Roellinghoff, F. · Smeets, J. · Stichelbaut, F. · Schaart, D.R. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorCoupling of a free wake vortex ring near-wake model with the Jensen and Larsen far-wake deficit models Van Heemst, J.W. · Baldacchino, D. · Mehta, D. · Van Bussel, G.J.W. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorAn inequality of Gauss Hooghiemstra, G. · Van Mieghem, P. ·
DissertationDynamics of Storage Carbohydrates Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Suarez-Mendez, C.A. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorPower output of offshore wind farms in relation to atmospheric stability Alblas, L. · Bierbooms, W. · Veldkamp, D. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorSurvival time of the susceptible-infected-susceptible infection process on a graph Van de Bovenkamp, R. · Van Mieghem, P. ·
Master thesisA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor with Corner Heaters Brevet, W.F.M. ·
DissertationIn operando phase transitions and Lithium ion transport in LiFePO4 Zhang, X. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorCluster Expansions for Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Multicomponent Alloys Zhang, X. · Sluiter, M.H.F. ·