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Master thesisSecure Standalone Programmer (SSP) Irannejad, F. ·
DissertationNanowire-based Quantum Photonics Bulgarini, G. ·
Master thesisPerformance assessment of building energy modelling programs and control optimization of thermally activated building systems Tzoulis, A. ·
Master thesisThree-Zone in-cylinder process model for DI diesel engines Galindo Lopez, S. ·
Master thesisDevelopment and Reuse of Engineering Automation Dewitte, P.J.A.R. ·
Master thesisTrillingen van betonnen voetgangersbruggen / Vibrations of concrete footbridges Beers, F.N. ·
Master thesisModelling and comparative study of distributed inductive power transfer systems for mobile electric vehicle charging applications Lanaras, E. ·
Master thesisThe Emergence of De Facto Standards: The value of integrative frameworks in the analysis of standards battles Tedjakusuma, V. ·
Master thesisSpaceCrea: A surgical device to provide better accessibility in the hip joint during the procedure of hip arthroscopy Cornelisse, C.C. ·
Article/Letter to the EditorQuantitative metabolomics analysis of amino acid metabolism in recombinant Pichia pastoris under different oxygen availability conditions Carnicer, M. · Ten Pierick, A. · Van Dam, J. · Heijnen, J.J. · Albiol, J. · Van Gulik, W. · Ferrer, P. ·