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KES fileTechnology and the character of contemporary life: A philosophical inquiry Borgmann, A. ·
KES fileEngineering fluid dynamics, SI version, 10th edition Elger, D.F. · Williams, B.C. · Crowe, C.T. · Roberson, J.A. ·
KES fileConstructieleer gewapend beton: Studieboek voor het HBO, de opleidingen Bouwkunde en Civiele Techniek (Zevende gewijzigde druk) Braam, C.R. · Lagendijk, P. ·
KES fileMaking: Anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture Ingold, T. ·
KES fileThe Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and how it Changes Shove, E. · Pantzar, M. · Watson, M. ·
KES filePrinciples of corporate finance: Global edition (10th edition) Brealey, R.A. · Myers, S.C. · Allen, F. ·
KES fileCultures and organizations: Software of the mind: Intercultural cooperation and its importance for survival (3rd edition) Hofstede, G. · Hofstede, G.J. · Minkov, M. ·
KES fileGeopolitics: a very short introduction Dodds, K. ·
KES fileManagement in Networks: On multi-actor decision making De Bruijn, H. · Ten Heuvelhof, E. ·
KES fileProcess management: Why Project Management Fails in Complex Decision Making Processes (second edition) De Bruijn, H. · Ten Heuvelhof, E. · In 't Veld, R. ·