How to upload documents?

TU Delft students can upload their master theses, bachelor theses and student reports to the TU Delft Education Repository. The procedure uses the Pure input form for uploading your documents. After you have uploaded your documents the Library will check your input and transfer your record to the Education Repository.

Some faculties or departments use specific instructions for completing the form.

Files and metadata will be made available on the internet. Please remove personal information such as phone number and e-mail address from your files.

To upload your documents follow this procedure:

  • Log in to using your NetID and password.
  • Select "Add new"
  • Select “Student thesis”
  • Select “Master thesis”, “Bachelor thesis” or “Student report”
  • Add Thesis content information “Title”, “Subtitle”, “Abstract”. The Abstract field is mandatory, please use between 25 and 500 words, use plain text only.
  • Check your Author information. Your name and faculty will be added automatically. Select “Edit” next to your name and click “Affiliate to another organisational unit…” if you want to add your department. Select your department and click
    “Upload”. Add co-authors by selecting “Add person…”.
  • Add your Supervisors. Select “Add supervisor…” and select your supervisor. Select the appropriate role for each supervisor
    by clicking “Supervisor 1” next to the name of the supervisor. Select Supervisor 1 for your mentor. Select Supervisor 2 (or
    Coach) for your graduation committee members.
  • Add the Thesis Award Information. Enter the date of your award. Add your Awarding institution, usually ‘Delft University of Technology’. In specific situations an additional university can be added here.
  • Add Keywords. This field is mandatory, preferably use three keywords or more.
  • Add Coordinates. Only add coordinates if the subject of your thesis is location based.
  • Add Project information if required by your faculty.
  • Add Programme information if required by your faculty.
  • Add Documents. Add your files here. Use PDF format for text files and JPG, PNG or TIFF format for image files. Do not use compressed files (ZIP). Do not change the Visibility status of the record. You can set an embargo end date on the file, but only use this when absolutely necessary. Even then keep the embargo end date as short as possible. Do not select an embargo reason.
  • Add Visibility. Do not change the default setting (“Public – No restriction”) unless otherwise stated. Students from the faculty of Design Engineering can change the visibility status to “Confidential – Restricted to associated users and editors” for records that have an embargo date on one of their files.
  • Select “Save” to upload your thesis description and files. The Library will do a final check on your document description before your thesis will become available in the Education Repository.

You will be notified by e-mail when your thesis is uploaded to the repository.

More information:

Predatory publishers
Please note: After uploading a thesis in TU Delft Repository, most students will be approached by publishers with a dubious reputation to publish the master's thesis in print. TU Delft emphatically advises students not to collaborate with these publishers. Read more about predatory publishers.