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Kok, W. (author), Van Luijn, P.L. (author)
High vacancy rates of offices are a major problem in the Netherlands. Especially since the start of the economic crisis, the number of empty office buildings has increased significantly. The highest vacancy rates can be found in non monumental offices with column structures build from 1960 till 1980. This office vacancy is due to esthetical,...
master thesis 2012
Zaadnoordijk, M. (author), Claassen, R.C.T.G. (author)
Dit onderzoek is uitgevoerd binnen de masterrichtingen Architectuur en Real Estate & Housing. Het onderzoek richt zich op aanjagers van transformatiegebieden en is opgedeeld in twee delen. De Real Estate & Housing zijde van het onderzoek richt zich op de rol van een gebouw als strategisch middel in een transformatieopgave. Het onderzoek kan...
master thesis 2011
Slob, C. (author), Mohammadi, S. (author)
Our society and economy are constantly changing. In spite of this the demands and wishes of users also changes. Most of the current building stock is developed as mono-functional buildings to fulfil the demand at a particular moment. They are not designed for the lifespan in which they are functional. Because of their shortcomings in...
master thesis 2010