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Wortel, M.C. (author)
The Master’s programme Industrial Ecology is jointly organised by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Sustainable development is a young, developing field in which many standards, certificates, and initiatives are spawning. Companies are expected to work on sustainable development by its customers, investors, and society in...
master thesis 2013
Marte, P.R. (author)
A quantitative study about eco cities, resulting in a vision of future sustainable urban development after a hypothetical energy revolution. The project regards remaining problems after the energy problem is solved. Sustainability means sustainable economy. A new assesment method is introduced based on a quantification of resource requirements....
master thesis 2010
Kloet Juliao, Y.G. (author)
Post-Exodus or the involuntary prisoners of Architecture, is a project about corrupt well intended top-down pretentions. A project about when utopia becomes dystopia. About when the built environment becomes out of tune with experienced and desired reality. Accumulating to the point of large scale vacancy and crisis. The focus of the project...
master thesis 2012