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Cijntje, Stephanie (author)
This projects addresses the social aspect of daily life, how different people in a community get to meet each other and how the community as a whole, and in a larger context the city, can benefit of these festive social qualities.
master thesis 2018
Pinheiro, A. (author)
Abstract – In order to create good urban environments city planners need to start addressing the issue of urban identity (Oktay 2002). According to Oktay, people should again feel that some part of the environment belongs to them, individually and collectively, some part for which they care and are responsible, whether they own it or not. For,...
master thesis 2011
Kramer, N.D.F. (author)
Population growth and immigration increase the demand for mass housing developments all over the world. These developments are widely criticized for being mono-functional, mono-typological, and mono-cultural. This project is a design method for a new kind of mass housing. All design rules are reformulated as algorithms, that interact with each...
master thesis 2010