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de Jong, Alieke (author)
Waterborn transport currently runs on diesel driven Internal Combustion Engines
(ICE). To reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions an option is to shift towards
alternative fuels, like alcohols. This thesis focusses on methanol in ICEs. The
combustion of methanol in ICEs can be done in numerous manners, where fuel
master thesis 2018
de Jong, Marnix (author)
At the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris in 2015, ambitious goals for the worldwide CO2 emissions were set. To achieve these goals, a huge reduction in CO2 emissions must be realized. For the energy market, the current aim is to use renewable electricity instead of fossil fuels. However, there are multiple sectors where...
master thesis 2018
De Kloet, M. (author)
This report focuses on a feasibility study of a device that harvests electricity from the vertical motion of pontoons in tidal waves. The study includes an overall look into tidal prediction through laser satellite altimetry and converts the ocean based data of these models into near shore approximations. Furthermore the report compares several...
master thesis 2015