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Curto Balbela, V. (author)
Breakwaters under construction are prone to undesired deformation because the breakwater core is not designed to withstand severe or moderate wave loads. The reshaping mechanisms for a complete (finished) breakwater have been comprehensively studied; however, few research studies have been undertaken to analyze the deformation mechanisms of the...
student report 2014
Verdegaal, I. (author)
The permeability of a breakwater is of great importance for the stability of the armour layer. The influence of the structural permeability on the stability of rock armour units was already researched by Van der Meer using the 'notional' permeabiltiy. However, for single layer interlocking armour units the influence core permeability is rather...
master thesis 2013
Mulders, P.H.M. (author)
During the construction of breakwaters contractors often encounter undesired reshaping of exposed core material. This reshaping is comparable to the deformation process of berm breakwaters in which the outer profile reshapes into a more stable s-curve. In the case of oblique waves this deformation is enhanced by a longshore transport of stones...
master thesis 2010