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Koppes, Fabian (author), van der Veer, Machiel (author), Veldt, Timo (author), Marif, Kizjè (author), Smits, Roy (author)
Due to climate change and growing cities, water scarcity is becoming one of the futures biggest problems. On top of that, the population and prosperity of cities around the equator are growing fast. Meaning that the need for electricity, cooling and drinking water will grow fast in the following decades. ROTEC’s vision is that these growing...
student report 2018
Tenthof van Noorden, C. (author), Vermeij, D. (author), Van Zuijlen, J. (author), Zeelenberg, W. (author)
Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi in Indonesia, is rapidly developing. The last years Manado has been extending into the sea, which changed the hydraulics and morphology of Manado Bay. This had negative effects on the currents, inducing erosion along the coast. Also Manado has problems with the presence of garbage in the rivers and...
student report 2013
Slijk, R.V. (author), Schadee, L.W. (author), Knook, P.P. (author), Van der Salm, G.L.S. (author), Notenboom, P.D. (author)
Manado City is growing, its population is increasing. This demands the city to grow outside its borders and even into the sea by using land reclamation. Introducing new challenges or making challenges bigger, which are already present. Not only growth is present in the city, going forward and becoming better and better is an on-going fight for...
student report 2011