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Bot, Bernard (author)
Compilers translate high-level source code into low-level machine code. To represent source code a compiler uses a language called the intermediate representation (IR). An IR for the compilation of functional languages is continuation-passing style (CPS). It provides convenient abstractions for both data flow and control flow. However, CPS...
master thesis 2021
Bot, Bernard (author), Lopez Küchlin, Jael (author), van Asten, Timo (author), Ho, Björn (author)
Escape rooms are an emerging market. In these physical and mostly group based games, players are locked in a room with the goal to solve puzzles within a certain time limit in order to ’escape’ the room. To make sure players have a pleasurable experience, they are monitored during the game by a so called game master. This person helps players...
bachelor thesis 2018