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Hurkmans, Robin (author)
Solar energy is an important renewable energy source that is already generated by millions of solar panels attached to building roofs throughout The Netherlands. Whether a roof is suitablefor solar panels relies on its type, orientation and whether it is put in shadow by a neighbouring object. This means, the higher the solar potential of a roof...
master thesis 2022
Morlighem, Camille (author), CHATZIDIAKOS, Charalampos (author), Feenstra, Jos (author), van Schendel, Max (author), Hurkmans, Robin (author)
The Deployment of Indoor Point Clouds for Firefighting Strategy project was realised as a Synthesis Project of the Geomatics Master Programme of the Built Environment Faculty at the Technical University of Delft. This project was executed by a team of five Master students in collaboration with the Dutch response team collective Veiligheidsregio...
student report 2020
Veldkamp, Lisette (author), de Bruin, Ege (author), Kroes, Jasper (author), Hurkmans, Robin (author)
Escape rooms are multi-player games that contain several puzzles that need to be solved in order to open locked chests and discover new clues, which eventually enables the players to escape the room. While the players are inside the escape room, the game host observes the group through live cameras. When players tend to fail to make it out of...
bachelor thesis 2018