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Li, Pui (author)
This work investigated which NOM fraction from secondary wastewater effluent were causing competition with metoprolol and clarithromycin for adsorption site on high silica zeolites (HSZ). This thesis works with five commercially available HSZ frameworks (FAU, MOR, BEA, MFI and FER). Adsorption batch test were performed with demi water,...
master thesis 2019
Schoester, Jeroen (author), van der Heijden, Ties (author), Jooste, Nicael (author), Hunink, Niek (author), Schijfsma, Hidde (author), Li, Pui (author)
The Phetchaburi River in Phetchaburi province, Thailand, has a watershed with many different water resource projects. The surrounding farms rely on the Phetchaburi River for irrigation water and the drinking water companies rely on it as a source of water. However, the Phetchaburi basin has problems with yearly floods, salt intrusion and...
student report 2018