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Moya Ortiz, Diego (author)
Metropolization process in Santiago de Chile has been strongly influenced by neoliberal rationale in the field of urban planning. A diffuse interaction between the forces of the urban land market, national-global trends of capital agglomeration and fragmented governance have led to a highly segregated socio-spatial structure. These processes...
master thesis 2019
Moya Ortiz, Diego (author), Durand López, Leyden (author), Klimczak, Anna (author), Stuyt, Mae-Ling (author), Hu, Qiyao (author)
<br/>The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (AMA) has proposed a transition from its current linear economic model to a circular one (Sustainable Amsterdam, 2015). However, the proposed strategy is based mainly on the participation of actors from the world of business and industry, relegating social actors to a peripheral level of its...
student report 2018