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Westerbeek, Karlou (author)
Throughout history, Paris has always been a city of walls. The differences between the wealthy core and the poor periphery are increasing rapidly. The Boulevard Périphérique, Paris’s concrete ring road, is the spatial and symbolic manifestation of the imbalance between the city and periphery. The ring road works as a mobility bottleneck at the...
master thesis 2021
Heijnen, Jurriënne (author), Westerbeek, Karlou (author), Saunders, Kelvin (author), Pattarasumunt, Sorawit (author)
Economy and technological innovation have always shaped the Dutch landscape and society. The evolution of the Internet has led to a new economy based on digital information and communication. New production, consumption and business models are mushrooming, especially in the Province of South-Holland. This fast development is facilitated by the...
student report 2020