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van Geffen, Hunter (author)
t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE) is a dimensionality reduction technique able to embed high-dimensional data into 2 or 3 dimensions for the purpose of visualization, and has proven to be useful in various applications, such as single-cell analysis. Normally t-SNE embeds into Euclidean space, but recent work shows that...
master thesis 2022
Edixhoven, Tom (author), van Geffen, Hunter (author), Kruit, Bas (author), Smit, Mels (author)
For a steel company it is advantageous to be able to easily track steel through the production process. At Tata Steel this is currently done with the Material Tracking Table. However, generating this table takes months. Therefore a new system had to be developed. This paper describes the building of such a new system, which generates this...
bachelor thesis 2019