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Dev, Shikhar (author)
Hyperparameter optimization(HPO) forms a critical aspect for machine learning applications to attain superior performance. BOHB (Bayesian Optimization and HyperBand) is a state of the art HPO algorithm that approaches HPO in a multi-armed bandit strategy, augmented with Bayesian optimization to drive configuration sampling. However, BOHB...
master thesis 2020
El Haji, Khalid (author), Posner, Noah (author), Ilbaş, Hakan (author), Karpuz, Sergen (author), Wernet, Victor (author)
As the population increases so does the waste that is generated. Manually recycling waste is expensive and slow. Computer Vision (CV) solutions aim to make this less expensive and faster. Lots of data of this waste (thousands of images) is needed to train these CV solutions. This project, called Synthetic Waste Generator (SWaG) can create...
bachelor thesis 2020