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Falckenheiner Soria, Sebastian (author)
Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) have demonstrated to be great instruments for space-based Earth observation in the microwave frequency. Metasurface antennas, on the other side, are a new type of planar antennas with a great potential for space applications, as they are compact and easy to produce. Several methods have been developed in the past...
master thesis 2022
Ceccotti, Tiberiu (author)
Electromagnetic metasurfaces in recent years have drawn significant attention in the Optics community due to their novel optical properties and miniaturized integration advantages. Since the optical properties of those materials are complex to model and require finer theory than what implied in geometrical optics, systematic integration study of...
master thesis 2020
Andrašec, Josip (author)
This research is focused on the feasibility assessment of a novel technology of metasurfaces in order to design a spectropolarimeter with the thickness of a few micrometers integrated on the detector array. The motivation behind the research is miniaturization of state-of-the-art spectropolarimeters. The requirements for the instrument are...
master thesis 2019