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Chintada, Priyanka (author)
Wind energy is the most promising renewable energy source for the Netherlands in the energy transition period. However, the investment costs of the offshore wind are huge. Until now, the government was supporting the investments in wind farms with subsidy schemes irrespective of the electricity market dynamics. The latest large-scale offshore...
master thesis 2019
Varela Souto, A. (author)
In recent years, a transition towards a more sustainable future has started and it is imperative that this trend continues. An increasing energy demand from the continuously growing population, together with the increment of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions and the depletion of fossil fuels have motivated the penetration of renewable energy...
master thesis 2016
Villar Lejarreta, A. (author)
Until recently the European electricity system has been operating as a set of isolated national markets with divergent regulatory norms. Today, the day-ahead markets between South-Western Europe and North-Western Europe are fully coupled, enabling the trading of electricity all the way from Portugal to Finland. Moreover, policy-makers in the...
master thesis 2015