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Varga, Roland (author)
Many recent robot learning problems, real and simulated, were addressed using deep reinforcement learning. The developed policies can deal with high-dimensional, continuous state and action spaces, and can also incorporate machine-generated or human demonstration data. A great number of them depend on state-action value estimates, especially the...
master thesis 2023
Langens, Coco (author)
Manipulating soft and fragile objects is a challenging task in robotic grasping. The key challenge for robotic grasping is to exert enough grip force to prevent slipping while being gentle enough to prevent damage to an object. Existing grippers used for processes like automatic harvesting of fruits, either apply excessive grip force leading to...
master thesis 2022
Van der Hoeven, T.R.M. (author)
Locking mechanisms are used in a wide range of applications including energy saving mechanisms in the field of robotics. In this thesis a new class of locking mechanisms is investigated: a combination between a singular- and a friction locking mechanism (singular-friction locker) which is statically balanced with one additional spring. This...
master thesis 2015