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Westerink, Daan (author)
Dit onderzoek richt zich op het verminderen van trillingshinder in CLT- en betongebouwen, zodat ze voldoen aan de richtlijnen en er meer naast het spoor gebouwd kan worden. De centrale vraag van het onderzoek is hoe specifieke ontwerpmaatregelen kunnen leiden tot een vermindering van trillingshinder in overeenstemming met de richtlijnen. Een...
master thesis 2023
Komen, B. (author)
With increasing velocities of trains, passenger comfort starts to play a larger role in the design of railway bridges. There is little experience with the Eurocode passenger comfort criterion in the Netherlands. It is relevant for the industry to have a way to fulfil this criterion, also in an early stage of railway bridge design. A sufficiently...
master thesis 2016
Hoeffelman, M.L. (author)
ProRail Traffic Control would like to have examined what the performance of crossovers for rescheduling is in case of partial obstructions. The need for quantitative information about the performance of crossovers in The Netherlands has grown. The research is intended to fill this knowledge gap by investigating the performance of crossovers in...
master thesis 2012